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SuperStar Touch is more than just a game of touch.

by Allan Russell
High School Mathematics Co-ordinator
Teacher and Rugby League Coach of 30 years
Gunnedah NSW

SuperStar Touch can provide significant benefits to the education, health and employment prospects of our nationís youth. As part of a comprehensive program, implemented in schools, SuperStar Touch is a key component in engaging young people and motivating them to become an integral part of a team.


In fact, the skills and values developed in SuperStar Touch can be applied to everyday situations and lead students towards establishing productive and personally fulfilling lives. 


The skills and values outlined below are timeless but many students donít appreciate the importance of establishing values for life because they donít think it is relevant to them. Being exposed to values and having them explained in a context that interests them and is enjoyable, provides an experience for students to relate to in everyday life and a context for teachers to draw from while communicating with students in the classroom.

SuperStar Touch: Developing skills and values for life:

         Communication - being a good listener is just as important as being able to express yourself. Effective communication is central to understanding and playing SuperStar Touch. Communication is an extremely important life skill. To understand others, learn skills and live productively in society, one requires effective communication skills.


         Creativity - SuperStar Touch encourages players to be creative, which in turn provides opportunities. Society needs citizens who are resourceful and willing to take calculated risks.


         Fitness - playing SuperStar Touch will improve agility and fitness levels. The benefits of healthy eating and exercise are paramount in living long, productive lives.


         Teamwork Ė whether it is playing sport, in a class at school, being a member of your family or being an employee in a business, teamwork is essential for productivity and harmony.


         Perseverance - being a naturally gifted sportsperson or mathematician or artist doesnít guarantee success. Any achievement in life is largely due to a sustained, determined effort.


         Resilience - the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and the ability to react quickly to potentially disruptive situations while playing SuperStar Touch has many benefits in daily life. This is particularly important for students who may be targets of bullying.


         Respect Ė SuperStar Touch teaches students to respect themselves, others and in particular, the refereeís decision. It is important that they learn to respect people who have the authority to enforce rules or give orders.

         Self-discipline the ability to control your behaviour so that you act in a respectable manner is valued in society and is cultivated while playing SuperStar Touch.

Having over 30 years experience teaching mathematics and coaching rugby league teams has provided many insights into education and the factors that motivate learning. I encourage you to give the game a go and at the same time develop your skills for life !

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