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Aussie Sport Stars Comments...
Graham Eadie
(NRL Player 1971 - 83, NSW State of Origin Player 1980 & Australian Kangaroo 1973 - 79) 
Rugby League Legend & ASS Ambassador
"SuperStar Touch is the closest, non-contact game specific to rugby league team sport, I’ve seen. The game can create not only the basic fundamentals, but can lead the young players into almost all the skills needed to go on to play rugby league at the elite level. I am sure the game will also equip the player with ‘Skills for Life’ as team members are encouraged to build team spirit and communicate positively with other members of their squad.”

Steve Martin 
(NRL Player 1978 - 84, NSW State of Origin Player 1980 & Australian Kangaroo 1978 - 1980)
Coaching & Rugby League Development Services

"SuperStar Touch is a game where the rules make you play rugby league. The rules help promote offensive play with the football; it puts the defending team under pressure which forces team members to work together more. This creates a game that is enjoyable to play and watch. This game IS NOT a game of Touch or Oztag. The ‘2 Person Touch Rule’ promotes passing, running, supporting, talking and offensive play. The ‘2 Person Touch Rule’ puts pressure on the defending team to stay in the game by talking, covering inside and out, reading the offence and just hanging in there.”

Phil Sigsworth
(NRL Player 1977 - 1987, NSW State of Origin Player 1981 - 83 & Australian Kangaroo 1981)
Coaching and Refereeing Development Services

"SuperStar Touch is a fantastic concept for all aspects of life, not just in nurturing Rugby League skills. It encourages active participation in healthy lifestyle activities while enjoying the game of rugby league. The game allows the participants to develop their rugby league skills from an early age and to increase their fitness and skill levels over a period of years. The game has all the elements of competing at sport, especially Rugby League. The game also assists in the development of working in a team atmosphere through some basic principles of communication and supporting other team members.”

How to get started with SuperStar Touch...

Stage 1 Steps to take to get involved...

Watch Video

Contact our office to receive a copy of the SuperStar Touch Rules Manual and the SST Evaluation Sheet.

Select your Game Division

Under 12 Primary School Touch (Boys, Girls and Mixed)
Under 16 for High School Touch (Boys, Girls and Mixed)
Under 18 Elite Squad Touch (Boys)
Social SuperStar Touch (Mixed)

Stage 2 Steps to take to get involved...

1. Understand the rules of the game.
   (Contact our Development Team for further clarification of the rules)
2. Develop your rugby league skills. (ASS Skills Testing Kit available)

3. Form a team of 8 players (plus 2 interchange) in the designated age group.

4. Choose a name for your team and tag it with your town name ie Mullumbimby Supernova's.

5. Organise to play a game against another team within your school or club.

6. Contact other schools and clubs in your town or region and organise a game.

7. If you trial the game in your town we can add your school or club to our website under the menu heading Clinics & Games...

Stage 3 Steps to take to get involved...

Fill out the SuperStar Touch Game evaluation sheet and email your comments to us. 

Contact our office via website and let us know what you think of the game.

If you would like to trial the game in your school or club please contact us via the online form ...

Operations & Management Office
Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd
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Sport Development Game
SuperStar Touch Pty Ltd
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Education & Training Programs
Aussie Sport Skills for Life
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Terms of Supply : SST Rules Manual

In order to provide the appropriate support to you and your school/club we ask that you contact our office and register your contact details ...

Please access our FREE introductory booklet ... click here

1. Purchase the complete SuperStar Touch Rules Manual

click here to download rules manual.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification of the rules if needed.
All the best implementing the game in your school or club.

SuperStar Touch
Development Team