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    Ocean Shores Primary Challenge Cup -

    Ocean Shores Primary Challenge Cup -

    The SST Clinic will be held at the Ocean Shores Primary School Grounds on
    Monday afternoon from 3.30pm to 5.00pm.


    Well done Sam H, Max H, Fox CF and Kane M ... great skills were displayed in the skills contest...

    RESULTS of the SST Skills

    Sam H - Age 10
    Sprint 6 sec.14 (20m), Punt Kick 43m, Goal Kick 2/3, Drop Kick 0/3, Grubber 1/9pts, Pass 6/6

    Max H - Age 8
    Sprint 6 sec.25 (20m), Punt Kick 33m, Goal Kick 3/3, Drop Kick 1/3, Grubber 1/9pts, Pass 5/6

    Kane M - Age 8
    Sprint 6 sec.57 (20m),
    Punt Kick 30m, Goal Kick 1/3, Drop Kick 2/3, Grubber 2/9pts, Pass 5/6

    Meg P - Age 8
    Sprint 5 sec.93 (20m),
    Punt Kick 10m, Goal Kick 0/3, Drop Kick 0/3, Grubber 4/9pts, Pass (Good Skills)

    Fox CK
    - Age 11
    Sprint 5 sec.37 (20m),
    Punt Kick 45m, Goal Kick 2/3, Drop Kick 2/3, Grubber 3/9pts, Pass (5/6)

    from the SST Skills Clinic are hosted in the Ocean Shores Squad B (Blues) Photo Gallery.

    Click on OS Clinic 2012 below to access squads...

    Co ordinator Mark Russell
    Host Graham 'Wombat' Eadie

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